MINI Electrified.

Is it time to go electric?

MINI can help you pave the way for all-electric driving with some serious style. The new electric MINI range delivers top-notch performance and handling, plus all the dreamy design features and cutting-edge tech your heart desires. 

Take charge today: Select a MINI and then use the calculator below to discover your indicative fuel cost savings.


Choose the electric MINI that best suits your style and see what you could save. Use the calculator to personalise your mileage and miles per gallon criteria and discover your indicative fuel savings. If you're unsure what to compare, select a model and click 'Model Overview' to find out some more details and a brief model overview.

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Enter your personalised annual or monthly mileage below, add the details of your current motoring and electricity costs, and see how much you could save in fuel costs. Please note, this tool provides an indicative estimate only. Actual results will vary according to a number of variable factors, including your mileage driven, your fuel and electricity costs, your charging methods, and driving conditions and style. Find out more here.

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Actual results will vary according to a number of variable factors, including your mileage driven, your fuel and electricity costs, your charging frequency and methods, and driving conditions and style.

Calculations only show a comparison between the indicative cost of charging your electric vehicle, and the indicative petrol or diesel costs for driving the stated mileage. While the results may show a fuel cost saving, the purchase price of a MINI electric vehicle may be greater than a traditional MINI internal combustion engine model. To find out more visit Electric calculations explained.

Please note, there are currently limited IONITY charging stations in the UK, click here to locate an IONITY charging station near you.

Smart Tariff Explained

8p/kWh is the typical average Smart Tariff cost (June 2024) during low-use smart tariff hours, for example during the night. The 8p/kWh price has been calculated by taking the average EV smart tariff p/kWh figure from seven major energy suppliers (June 2024). MINI is not associated with any energy suppliers, this figure is purely indicative. You may wish to change to the Smart Tariff cost of your electricity supplier to give a more personalised cost comparison.

Smart Tariffs (also known as Time-of-use tariffs, or Economy 7) offer variable prices for energy at different times of the day. A static tariff often offers a single rate for electric regardless of the time of day. A Smart Tariff offers a different price per unit of energy depending on the time of day, and the times and rates can change from day to day e.g. the price may be cheaper overnight or depend on the amount of wind power that is predicted for a particular time. Prices and availability change frequently and vary per provider so please check with your energy supplier.

MINI Charging Explained

59p/kWh is the average charging price1 (June 2024) at an IONITY high-power charging station with a MINI Charging subscription, taking advantage of our -15p/kWh discount for customers purchasing a new MINI electric vehicle.

At the end of the one year IONITY charging offer, subscription fees will apply upon renewal of the subscription. If the subscription is not renewed, the MINI subscription preferential charging rate will end and the full charging price will apply at an IONITY charging station (average price1 of 74p/kWh as of June 2024). Find out more here.

Please note, there are currently limited IONITY charging stations in the UK. Whilst the costs are shown for indicative comparison purposes, it is unlikely that all your charging will be done at IONITY high-power charging stations. Charging costs at other charging stations will vary.

Click here to locate an IONITY charging station near you.

1Charging prices may vary over time and between locations.

Home Charging Explained

25p/kWh is the average cost of electricity at home in the UK (Ofgem, June 2024 - exact amount varies depending on tariff and other factors). You may wish to change to the electricity cost of your supplier for a more personalised cost comparison.

To calculate the cost of charging your car at home you can take the capacity of your vehicle’s battery (in kWh) and multiply by the electricity cost of your supplier (in pence per kWh) e.g. the battery capacity of the MINI Cooper SE is approximately 54 kWh, so to charge at home from 0-100% and get up to 249 miles of range, it would cost approximately £14. By switching to a smart tariff, designed specifically for EV drivers you could reduce this even further.

*The recommended On The Road (OTR) prices shown are for MINI models in Exclusive style; OTR pricing for MINI models in Classic, Sport and JCW styles will differ. OTR prices include delivery, MINI Emergency Service, number plates, first registration fee and vehicle excise duty. Where applicable, government grants and subsidies are not included in the OTR cash price displayed.

Values are preliminary, measured according to the WLTP test cycle. Values will vary depending on vehicle specification, trim level and optional equipment selected. Vehicle performance figures shown are for the Exclusive models. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging.